My Very First!

I keep trying to figure out how to start. I tried once upon a time as is my nature in my work but it felt silly because the characters I create are fairy tales, I am not. Although I do like to see my struggles and aspirations in that light and I do go as far as putting myself into some of the illustrations of those emotions.  That tends to be how I am able to sometimes deal with those feelings. I was asked recently at my final portfolio presentation to explain why I make the work I do. Being close to graduation, like many I have been pulling all nighters for weeks. Sleep deprivation does not help to answer these kinds of soul searching questions. Instead I blurted out because I have to. I did not say because I like to or because I want to (any of these answers being far to simple and obviously unacceptable anyway, but there it was) I knew in the moment it came out of my mouth, it was in the far simplest terms the truth.  Once the idea has sparked the wick, it feels as though time has started ticking down for me to figure out how I will lift a feeling out of my heart and head and encapsulate it onto another surface. I become driven and as one professor commented, insatiably creating (this was not meant as a compliment, but in truth I took it as one). 

 What I want to do in this blog is share the process I use to create as I am creating good, bad, ugly. Blood, Sweat, tears, triumphs, failures and all. I realize that the many artists I admire and find the most connection with are the ones that share, they invite you in on their journey. I intend to do the same in my own way. As I go through this process I will be also sharing the names of the people who inspire me as well as why. I invite your participation, patience, frustration and most of all experience. A lonely journey is not what I am looking to embark on.

Yours Truly

Chrystal Kelly